Orthopedics and orthopedic surgery

The orthopedic surgery (or orthopedics) is the section of surgery which is engaged in operational treatment of damages of muscular and bone system - bones, joints and ligaments.

Than the orthopedic surgery is engaged? The orthopedics is engaged in inborn diseases of musculoskeletal system among which inborn malformations of extremities, from deformation (in particular, hip dislocations), inborn deformations of neck, thorax, and also backbone - one of serious problems of orthopedics, bordering on neurosurgery.

Among diseases of joints in which orthopedic surgeons are engaged it is possible to call, probably, the basic from them: it is the deforming arthrosis - disease which very many people have now and which reduces efficiency of the patient.

One bigger sphere of surgical orthopedics are degenerative diseases of backbone. And the most frequent pathology from this group - osteochondrosis. Many can be perplexed - after all this "path" of neuropathologists. However neuropathologists are engaged in elimination only of manifestations of osteochondrosis, without influencing thus basic reason - pathology of vertebrae. In case when the phenomena of osteochondrosis are sharply expressed and will difficult respond to conservative treatment, orthopedists get down to business.