Bernie Sanders Rebuffs Biden, Says He and AOC Have Agenda 'America Needs'

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Bernie Sanders Rebuffs Biden, Says He and AOC Have Agenda 'America Needs'

"The bottom line is, if we don't clearly define that we are not socialists the Republicans are going to come at us every way they can and call us socialists", Hickenlooper said.

Biden asked a mostly black audience of several hundred people in Sumter on Saturday, the first day of a weekend visit to SC.

There are now just seven months still until the Iowa caucuses and the former vice president has repeatedly said on the campaign trail that he is seeking the presidency because he wants "to restore the soul of this country" and "unite" the nation.

Patricia Ousley, 69, a black retired state employee from the Chicago suburb of South Holland, cheered loudly when Biden told the crowd Obama does not get the credit he deserves. Marguerite Willis, a recent Democratic candidate for governor, said that when Harris spoke in last month's debate about her own experiences being bused as a child, the entire room where Willis was watching the debate grew quiet.

Asked in Iowa whether she would support federally mandated busing in 2019 to combat de facto segregation that remains in some US school systems, Harris replied, "I think of busing as being in the toolbox of what is available and what can be used for the goal of desegregating America's schools".

On Saturday, Booker also responded to Biden's apology, saying, "First I want to say thank you".

"He is a presidential nominee, and to say something - and again, it's not about working across the aisle, if anything I've made that a hallmark of my time in the Senate, to get big things done and legislation passed - this is about him invoking a bad power dynamic that he showed a lack of understanding or insensitivity to by invoking this idea that he was called "son" by white segregationists who, yeah, they see in him their son", Booker said.

"That's where the federal government must step in", Harris said to Biden during the debate.

Interested in Joe Biden? Overall, Harris raised more than $23 million since launching her campaign in January.

Asked about Harris's comments, Biden instead pointed to differences he has with her on other issues, such as health care.

Joe Biden is still the front-runner in the Democratic presidential race, but the crown is slipping.

"We can not rewrite history about what segregationists were doing at that time on a number of issues", she added.

In South Carolina alone, the program would raise the average teacher's pay by more than $9,000, according to her campaign. "He's the bully that I knew my whole life". Biden said he was in favor of voluntary busing but opposed federally mandated busing. Biden will have to improve his performance to stay in the race, she said. We didn't agree on much of anything. Segregation persists now not necessarily as a function of legislators.

Where have we heard that one before? Moore said his Aunt Loretta, who called him during the debate, was among an early group of black students to integrate a high school named for Strom Thurmond, a segregationist senator.

Black voters have played a critical role in the Democratic primary process, and winning the party's nomination would be unlikely without their support.

"That resonated with a lot of African Americans", he said.

For Willis, it may just be that Biden's political time has passed. Do you think the American public looked at that debate, take me out of it, and thought, boy, I really liked the way that's being conducted?,' he said. But Catanch, 73, said she wasn't concerned about any critique of Biden's past stances, including on busing, and instead admired what she characterized as Biden's commitment to stay above the fray.

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