Second day of Trump's United Kingdom state visit in pictures

06/09/2019 03:00 |

Second day of Trump's United Kingdom state visit in pictures

Asked about his own avoidance of war service - Trump received a draft determent from Vietnam due to bone spurs in his foot - the President criticized that American effort, even as he was preparing to commemorate an earlier one.

Emily Thornberry, Labour's foreign affairs spokeswoman, said Mr Trump was "a sexual predator" and a racist who did not deserve the honour of a state visit hosted by Queen Elizabeth II.

"Explaining his support for Mr Trump, he said it was important for the United States to be in a good position globally, because, 'if there's a hiccup in America then it's a tidal wave in England".

Corbyn declined an invitation to Monday's banquet for the president at Buckingham Palace, but sought a meeting with Mr Trump - which was refused.

Many paused to photograph a robotic likeness of Mr Trump sitting on a golden toilet, cellphone in hand.

"Dragging children away from their parents at the border, maybe that's the worst thing", she said, referring to a Trump administration policy of separating children from parents who had illegally crossed the US-Mexico border.

Trump met with the Queen multiple times during the three-day visit to the United Kingdom - including at a state banquet at Buckingham Palace and a commemorative D-Day event in Portsmouth.

Melania Trump walks with Prince Charles into the ballroom at Buckingham Palace. He tweeted barbs directed at former Vice President Joe Biden, the news media and the actress Bette Midler - all before 8 a.m. local time in London - where he was spending a second night in the USA ambassador's residence. In the 90-minute meeting with the British royal, Trump said the U.S. is "among the cleanest climates".

"I think Donald Trump's balloon is not very well", she added later.

President Donald Trump has signed a $19.1 billion disaster-aid bill aimed at helping communities across the country bounce back from hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and fires.

President Trump also insisted that Puerto Rico should be pleased at him for approving the bill, despite criticism from the island that he hasn't done enough in helping recovery efforts after Hurricane Maria.

Meanwhile, protesters in central London voiced their opposition to President Trump's visit.

"I have always talked openly with you, Donald, where we have taken a different approach - and you have done the same with me", she said.

Mr Corbyn - who boycotted the state dinner - was joined at the rally by members of other political parties, including the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party. He's also criticized Prime Minister Theresa May and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and just this week called Meghan Markle "nasty".

Throughout the protest, Trump had pockets of support.

"With Democrats back home stalling his agenda with investigations, it's important for the president to lead where he has authority, and that's the global stage", said Jason Miller, who served as communications director for the president's 2016 campaign.

In the village of Doonbeg, people welcomed the visit as the Trump Golf Links and Hotel is the only major source of employment locally with over 300 people working there. "I think it's going down rapidly for a reason". Trump further rattled Britons by saying that "everything"- including the National Health Service - would be "on the table" in future trade negotiations.

Demonstrations were also planned in Birmingham, Sheffield, Glasgow, Chester, Leicester, Oxford and Exeter.

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