Seymour encourages Cayman businesses to support workers' mental health

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Seymour encourages Cayman businesses to support workers' mental health

On World Mental Health Day, absence management expert Adrian Lewis, Director of Codel Software discusses how United Kingdom businesses could benefit from utilising tools and technology to tackle employee mental health issues head on.

Among those attending and signing were Healthwatch Kent, Tonbridge and Malling Council, Gravesham Borough Council, Maidstone Borough Council and Swale Borough Council.

Though the police are the grant's recipient, the funding was awarded based on a joint proposal from a local planning group known as the Athens-Clarke County Justice and Mental Health Collaborative. We help them, as well as our own staff, with information and support.

The organisation notes on its website,, while, "work is good for mental health. a negative working environment can lead to physical and mental health problems".

Diane Marsh, KCC Adult Social Care Deputy Cabinet Member and Mental Health Champion hosted the event. "Now we have a daily battle that we have to fight", said Stephanie Henderson-Ford.

KCC Commissioning Manager Sue Scamell was one of those who shared her personal story. "I am stronger and wiser through this".

Depression costs South Africa more than R232 Billion or 5.7% of the country's GDP due to lost productivity either due to absence from work or attending work whilst unwell, the IDEA study of the London School of Economics and Political Science 2016 found.

Chris O Sullivan, Head of Business Development at the Charity said: "Healthy workplaces recognise the contribution of employees living with mental health problems and support open disclosure".

The number of young people that are beginning to become aware of the effect that mental health plays in their lives is growing as well; the number of youth affected by mental health concerns jumped from eight and a half percent in 2011 to over 11 percent in 2014. Today on World Mental Health Day, the World Health Organization wants your employer to know they can and should keep you mentally healthy. Using the UK's model as an example, Hamilton said, the discussion centres around having an integrated mental health service, "a recognition that it is not enough for the police to treat people that they come across through their contact or through the criminal justice system".

"Mental health is a vital part of our overall wellbeing, and everyone deserves access to the mental health care and support they need", Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement on the occasion of the World Mental Health Day.

Depression affects 350 million people globally and is a significant burden, not only for the individual but also for their family and friends as well as employers and the healthcare sector.

She noted that such units should be given innovative names instead of "Mental Health Unit" which according to her, was associated with stigma.

We suggest you slowly throw it out there - tell them that you'd like to be honest with them about something, but that you'd appreciate them simply listening and not acting too shocked. We should respect one another, observe purity of speech, mind and action and vow to remain free from arrogance, jealousy, pride and cynicism.

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